Digital Marketing 360

Training Goal

The goal of the course is to develop your teams marketing skills and provide them the able to intelligently develop and implement online marketing efforts in your business.

What will they learn?

In Digital Marketing 360 your team will explore 6 comprehensive modules of learning:

  1. Your Target – Understanding your business and how it currently fits into the marketing landscape is key.  In this module, we will dive into key elements to understand cost per click, return in investment, key performance indicators, churn, segmentation and retargeting.

We will then craft your product offering, build out your ideal client profile and outline the marketing that will need to be executed.

  1. Your Technology – Infusionsoft will be the hub of your sales and marketing efforts.  This module take a deep dive into the essentials for learning, adapt and understand, then apply and master the software.  In this module, we will learn to import your contacts, properly segment them in usable marketing format, integrate infusionsoft with you website and other technology and setup of 3 initial processes in automated campaign format.
  1. Your Marketing – Your team will work with us to learn and develop marketing automation strategies to lead visitors on your website to take certain actions. In this module, we will learn to develop lead magnets, build nurture sequences and sales conversion campaigns.
  1. Your Social Media – Having a social media presence is a must for your business.  This module focuses on the key 4 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram) to leverage your leads and build trust with your audience. We will learn how to create engaging posts that create engagement, we will learn how to build a social marketing strategy that compliments your business objectives & we will work together and develop a social engagement process for your company.
  1. Your Metrics – Everything that you do in marketing is to gain a targeted and measurable result.  In this module we will learn how to distinguish key performance indicators (KPI) in your marketing efforts.  We will create reporting widgets in your Infusionsoft application to report on campaign performance & will learn how to meaningfully understand your social media insights and how they relate to your marketing efforts

Method Of Delivery


Content will be delivered through:

  • 5 Full Online Course Modules (40 hours)
  • 5 Live Online Direct Coaching Sessions (10 hours)
  • 1 Live Q&A Session (2 hours)



As an active enrolled participant in DM360 you will be a member of a private facebook group with others enrolled in the program to ask questions, network and get feedback from the group.  Once you’re a successful *active graduate from the program, you will keep access in the community. Active graduates are those who have completed the program and have an continuing education subscription to be involved in ongoing live webinar sessions and education.

Who is the training for?

This training is for team members of small to medium sized businesses who are employees dealing primarily with operations, fulfillment, client services, marketing and sales.  These team members are looking to enhance their skill set and ability to assist in the digital marketing of the business.  

Canada Job Grant

If you’re a Canadian Business, you may be eligible to receive the Canada Job Grant to help pay for up to 83% of this training. If eligible we will help you with the entire application process so that you can focus on your business.

Who is leading the training


The training is provided by Certified Infusionsoft Partner/Consultant and Digital Marketing Certified Content Specialist Shaun Whynacht.  Both online & live course components will be delivered by Shaun.


Shaun is the Founder and Head Marketing Strategist of Blue Cow Marketing Inc.  Since his first business at the age of 17, Shaun has always been an entrepreneur.  His marketing experience spans from private, public and non-profit businesses across Canada and the United States.


Shaun thrives on working with small businesses owners.

Certificate Of Completion



All participants who successfully complete and pass the Digital Marketing 360 course will receive a physical certificate of completion from Blue Cow Marketing.


$5,995 per team member for the DM360 Course